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Google releases its AI "magic wand"

Google releases its AI "Magic Wand"

Google magic wand

Google magic wand

As the AI competition gets more competitive, Google releases a document-drafting "magic wand"

Google magic wand

Days before its competitor is anticipated to make a comparable statement, Google on Tuesday revealed a flurry of artificial intelligence (AI) tools for its email, collaboration, and cloud software, taking aim at Microsoft Corp.

Alphabet promoted the Google magic wand for its well-known Google Docs software that can write a marketing blog, training plan, or other text.

In an update to Google Workspace, a product package with billions of users across free and paid accounts, Alphabet claimed its AI will be able to take meeting notes, create PowerPoint presentations, summarize message chains in Gmail, and customize customer outreach.

The developments show how ChatGPT has sparked a scramble in Silicon Valley to incorporate so-called generative AI, which, like the chatbot craze, learns from past data how to create content afresh.

Microsoft, Alphabet, and other companies are spending billions of dollars to develop and implement the technology in the hopes that the revenue they generate from enabling office employees to complete writing and creative tasks more quickly will greatly offset the costs of these efforts.

For its cloud computing clients, Google also revealed a variety of generative AI tools. One of these tools, PaLM, is one of its most potent "large language models" that produces text that resembles that of a person.

Google AI Algorithm

Customers can use their own data to improve Google's AI algorithm, but the company will keep the results and advantages confidential.

In a different corporate software example, Google demonstrated how a fictitious furniture company could create improved chatbots for customer support that could produce pictures in addition to text, such as images of a corgi dog perched on a mid-century modern chair. An advertising film demonstrated how the chatbot could be integrated with a banking system, allowing a customer to purchase the chair.

According to the film, Google wants its AI to "transform" the work of marketers, attorneys, scientists, and teachers.

The high-profile AI research center Midjourney and the Mountain View, California-based business revealed a partnership in which Google will provide cloud infrastructure, including its unique "TPU" chips.

Alphabet, which is concerned about potential injury to society as well as its own reputation, has lagged behind Microsoft in its generative AI implementation thus far.

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